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with Ki-Hara.

Changing the way you stretch changes everything. Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching is the revolutionary technique that uses a person’s own resistance in the strengthening and elongating of muscles. Simply put, Ki-Hara makes muscles more powerful. A Ki-Hara Certified Trainer uses resistance stretching to strengthen and condition muscles throughout their entire range of motion, instantly improving an athlete’s power, speed and strength. Ki-Hara trains the body eccentrically and concentrically by moving the arms and legs in specific rotational and diagonal patterns. By contracting and lengthening muscles at the same time, Ki-Hara helps develop stronger muscles throughout their entire length, helping athletes get more out of their muscles. But that’s not all Ki-Hara can do. It’s also helpful in creating a stronger core, solving muscular imbalances and it can even speed up recovery time. To see Ki-Hara in action, click here.

The Benefits

Before we stretch,

we mash.

Mashing is a combination of Thai massage and foot shiatsu that helps prepare the muscles for optimal stretching. Every Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching session uses mashing to loosen up the muscles and to help flush toxins from the body. It will leave you feeling more energized and help quicken your body’s recovery time.

The Benefits

See Ki-Hara Resistance

Stretching in Action.

Our Services

Ki-Hara Can Stretch

More Than Just

Your Performance.

  • increases strength, power and speed
  • immediately improves flexibility
  • accelerates recovery time
  • establishes a stronger core
  • improves balance and circulation
  • relieves chronic stress on joints
  • alleviates painful muscle tension
  • targets and relieves existing injuries
  • realigns body to improve posture

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Get Stretched,

Trained and Taped.

Ki-Hara Resistance

Stretching Session

Lori comes to your home and works with you to achieve your flexibility and fitness goals. As an athlete herself, Lori understands that each client is different, with sports-specific needs. She works with you to improve your weaknesses and imbalances so that you can stretch your performance goals to the next level.

Personal Training

Lori offers one on one personal training or group training in the comfort of your own home or business. Circuit training classes for groups of 6 or more people can also be arranged. From sport-specific training to weight loss to general health and wellness, Lori provides a range of services based on each client’s needs.

Kinesio Taping

Lori offers KinesioTaping at your home or business. KinesioTaping is used to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused and tired muscles, and support muscles when in movement. It can be used for anything from carpal tunnel syndrome to lower back pain, and is also helpful as a support method.

Lori Haws,




Lori Haws provides Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching and in-home personal training in the Greater Toronto Area. With nearly two decades of experience as a personal fitness trainer, Lori can see the advantages that Ki-Hara brings to her clients. Introduced to Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching by Anne Tierney and Steve Sierra, Lori has integrated this innovative stretching technique into her training sessions. As a competitive swimmer and Ironman triathlete, Lori knows the importance of stretching and flexibility to help improve overall performance. Lori works with a variety of amateur to Olympic-level athletes including long distance cyclists, professional triathletes, synchronized swimmers, competitive swimmers and soccer players. But she also works with people who just want to improve their general flexibility and overall wellness.

To see certifications, click here.


  • Physical and Health Education,
    B.A. York University
  • Certified Exercise Physiologist,
    Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology
  • Certified Personal Trainer,
    Canadian Professional Trainers Network Certified
  • Ki-Hara Master Trainer

  • Certified Practical Assessor for CPTN
  • Applied Kinesiology Practitioner - level 1
  • Certified Pilates Mat Instructor
 Bronze Level Twist Sport Conditioning CPR and First Aid

Athletes Everywhere

Are Stretching

Their Performance

With Ki-Hara.

“I feel Ki-Hara has allowed me to expand my functional athleticism as well as develop strength through greater ranges of motion which has directly benefited my hockey. It translates into more power, strength and speed on the ice.”

– Hayley Wickenheiser,
Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Player

“With Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching I have been able to fulfill my dreams well into my 40s. No other workout makes me feel this way or swim this fast; Resistance Stretching really is my secret weapon.”

- Dara Torres,
12x Olympic Medalist


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